Preparing Your Home For Sale

Selling your home could be as simple as a fresh coat of paint.

Add value to your home

Will a can of paint amount to thousands of dollars added to your sales price? It could. Because while you know your home is valuable, sometimes all it takes is a few little improvements to help potential buyers see it too. 

We’ve outlined the most popular upgrades below. Your agent can help prioritize each by determining which projects will add the most value based on your specific home, neighborhood and market. Because knowing which home projects will pay off is our job.




Your closet looks twice as big with half the clutter.


A fresh coat of neutral paint serves as a blank canvas to potential buyers.


A fresh coat of paint really can make any exterior look new again.


If the landscaping is bad, they likely won’t step inside.


Prove that each room has purpose, but don’t overdo it.


Natural lighting really does help lift the mood and make a room look larger.


Prove that both cars can actually fit by tidying up.

Patio & Deck

Set up the patio as if your friends were coming over for a barbeque.

Take the next steps

Pricing Your Home

Set a fair price based on comparable homes, the local market and more.

Inspections and Disclosures

From finding the right people to interpreting the results, I’m here to help.

Have questions about preparing your home? I'm good to know.