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Dundonald Saskatoon; A brief history

Dundonald Saskatoon is one of many neighborhoods of the city of Saskatoon built during the 1980s, and until a while ago was the farthest northwest corner of the city of Saskatoon. Dundonald surrounds a large city park which hosts many soccer and baseball games. Most of the population works in sales & service, followed closely by those employed in the trades, transport, equipment operator, business, finance, and administration.

The neighborhood of Dundonald Saskatoon is a primarily residential neighborhood situated in the south-central area of Saskatoon. It is a Saskatoon neighborhood composed mainly of low-density, detached homes. The location is home to 5,667 residents. The neighborhood median personal income is $90,449.00, a typical home value of $316,766 and a home ownership of 84.0%.

Land for Dundonald was annexed between 1975–1979, and construction began shortly after. The neighborhood was named after Dundonald Avenue, a major arterial street that for many years marked the western most boundary of development in Saskatoon. The construction of the Circle Drive freeway resulted in Dundonald Avenue being removed between 11th and 33rd Streets (and, later, between Mountbatten Street and the Landfill Access Road). For several years two segments of the street remained, with the northern most segment forming the eastern boundary of the Dundonald neighborhood.

Bounded by 33rd Street is to the south and 37th Street to the north which are the only numbered streets throughout the neighborhood. Junor Avenue marks the eastern boundary and Hughes Drive serves as the western boundary.  Originally the grid layout was going to continue before the city decided to develop with the crescents and cul-de-sac layout instead. This neighborhood constructed in the 1980s abandoned the grid style of road layout, leaving 33rd & 37th Streets the only remaining numeric ones in the neighborhood.